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Free Casino Money Abuse On The Rise to 27 Percent

There isn’t a single internet gambler out there who would refuse to accept free casino money, and the casinos are evidently well aware of this fact. Online casinos utilize the idea of free casino money, or ‘bonuses’, in order to attract new players, and considering the sheer plethora of offers of this kind available throughout the industry, it is clear that this is a profitable marketing technique – or is it?

According to recent studies managed by eCOGRA (ecommerce and online gaming regulation and insurance) there has been a significant increase in the amount of bonus abuse cases, which stands in contrast to the 12 percent decrease in overall complaints filed by online gamblers during the first quarter of the current year. Of the 171 dispute mediation requests that the company received during this time period, a shocking 27 percent were issues related to free casino money offers.

According to Mr. Tex Rees from eCOGRA, “Unfortunately, the quarter has been marred by a relatively large number of false bonus abuse complaints lodged by fraudulent players, which when investigated in depth were found to be invalid due to multiple accounts, bonus over-claiming and in a minority of cases out-and-out fraud.”

Despite that the online casino is also capable of committing bonus abuse, which is also considered to be fraud, it seems as though these days, players will do anything to get their hands on some free casino money, and clearly, this doesn’t always turn out profitable for the casino.

OCA News Editor