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Internet Casino and Gambling Group Bwin Receive UK Licence

The internet casino and gambling group Bwin has, after a long and thorough investigation, received license as e-money provider. The license was obtained from UK’s Financial Services Authority. Bwin Interactive Entertainment has the dubious honour of making history as the first company to achieve such license. However, it has been a long and thorny road to receive the license. A thorough and strict investigation has been conducted of the internet casino company’s ownership structure along with review of management, system and infrastructure requirements.

The internet casino and gambling company is, however, not satisfied by catering only its own customers. It already has plans to expand its business. Currently the license is undergoing a “passporting,” which means that it will be converted into use in other European countries. This will enable Bwin to offer payment services and options such as credit cards and prepaid cards, as well as co-operating with issuers such as Mastercard and Visa. Such an expansion is definitely a plus for their own internet casino customers, who will have a plethora of payment options to choose from.

The internet casino and gambling company is proud of being the first in the industry to expand into the financial market. They predict this move as an important strategic step for the company, and believe it will open up a lot of market options; they otherwise would not be able to enter. The internet casino and gambling market is slowly saturating, and they are on the constant outlook for new opportunities. The financial sector could be one.

OCA News Editor