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Online Casino Affiliates Meet at Virtual CAC Conference

The Online Casino and Affiliates Convention for the world-wide marketing industry is currently taking place, and has been introduced via a virtual online platform which gives access to all the participating companies to interact with one another prior to giving their presentations.

The Online Casino and Affiliates Convention kicked off its virtual conference on Thursday March 27th at 12 noon, and had it run until 11pm GMT that same night. It was the first ever virtual trade show to be held in internet history, and designed uniquely for the online casino industry, explained Ticonderoga Ventures Inc.

The virtual conference was free for all online casino industry professionals and affiliates to use, yet many other related industries were also involved in this exclusive occasion, including: affiliate marketing, Software, Mobile Telecom, Payment Processing, Forex, Sportsbooks, Venture Capital and skill gaming. The platform for the virtual conference was provided by software developer, Pringo Networks.

One of the more prominent features of the virtual conference was a real time interactive chat function, which online casino representatives and affiliates could access in order to communicate with one another. The live chat was accompanied by live video and a B2B, such that all those online casino professionals who were unable to arrive at the convention itself could also take part and represent their companies.

The virtual conference ultimately gave all online casino affiliates the opportunity to identify new business opportunities, pre-schedule business meetings, and maximize efficiency for the event.

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