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Online Casino Portal Acquired by Balslev Media ApS

The German online casino portal,, has been bought by Balslev Media ApS Jan Balsley for a price of US$591,000. The Danish group has as such become the new owners of this portal, following both the German States Railroad Company and an offshore business. Despite that the buying price is a record for German domain names, the new online casino portal owners believe that their purchase was that of a bargain.

Jan Balslev explained that this particular name is of high value in the online casino industry and German market, because not only does it boast a respected and popular brand name among players and businesses within the online casino industry alike, yet it is also concise and easy to come across during general internet searches. Balslev also believes that “the high price is based on the popularity of online casino and poker gambling on the Web.”

The company’s goal with regards to management of the online casino portal, is to provide an informational database for players that can direct them through online gambling, and how to find a quality online casino to play at. All information presented on the site will be independently gathered and researched, and will feature services such as gambling tips and free games for practice.

As the new owners stated bluntly, “a land based casino or an online casino is not the place to learn the rules for Blackjack, or any other casino game for that matter.” There is an increase in the demand for independent online casino gambling information these days, due to the lack of internet regulations, and should be welcomed warmly by the German speaking nation.

OCA News Editor