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Entertasia Offers Online Blackjack Operators Profitable Solutions

Macau based online gambling software company, Entertasia, has recently announced the release if its latest product development, “New Blackjack”, as an innovative variation of the traditional online Blackjack game commonly available at online casinos.

According to the company description of the game, New Blackjack will be extremely cost effective for online casino operators, as it will incorporate one dealer for thousands of players at a time, whilst still offering a wide range of player features such as fairness, all kinds of benefits, excitement and the high speed of traditional online blackjack.
In regular online blackjack today, one dealer is able to deal to up to 7 players at a time. New Blackjack is designed to eliminate the costs of maintaining many dealers, and maximize profits, by providing software that can accommodate literally thousands of concurrent online blackjack players with a single dealer.

The unique innovation by Entertasia is also designed to benefit the online blackjack gambling quality for players, who by using this software, will be able to hit and stand at higher speeds with next to no waiting period – something that has been the root of much discussion surrounding software development for some time, being reminiscent of the waiting at brick and mortar casinos.

Entertasia is the first software development company in the industry to provide an answer to these drawbacks associated with online blackjack, and New Blackjack offers viable solutions to all of them. For online blackjack operators, the software will require minimum resources, yet provide the highest standard online gambling quality at the same time, to provide overall increased profits.

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