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Casino Bonus Confusion for New Online Casino

The latest online casino to have hit the gambling scene,, has experienced a significantly rough start to its beginnings. Within only several days of operations the site has already received sizeable amounts of complaints regarding casino bonus abuse disqualification. was launched at the end of January under a white label deal between Kamay holdings and Whilst Kamay Holdings is still relatively unknown, the news comes as very surprising to supporters of, who are recognized as some of the online casino industry’s finest competitors. The casino bonus abuse disqualifications were also largely unexpected due to the widespread dispersion of customer complaints from different regions.

The primary casino bonus complaint amongst players has been having their account locked after meeting all the casino’s fine print requirements, including playing in compliance with the promotion and T&C’s, and winning the required amounts for the allowed games. The Casino’s security staff has informed many players that their play has been classified as casino bonus abuse without providing reason for such classification. Following this, all the player’s winnings and casino bonus funds are axed and their deposits returned.

The casino bonus abuse disqualifications are both principally and legally unjustified, as it is written in the online casino terms and conditions that as long as all T&C’s are met without employing illegal activity then the player should be paid. Additionally, the online casino is entitled to lock a player account only after paying due monies.

In light of this casino bonus confusion surrounding, players are advised to steer clear of the site until the issue has been properly sorted.

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