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Online Casino Group Buys Additional Brands

Recent talk about the liberalization of European markets might have something to do with the big deal that was signed between Unibet and the Swedish investment firm Maria Invest AB. The latter has sold all of its interests in the Malta registered Maria Holdings Limited to Unibet making it the proud over of yet another online casino group. The gambling group owns Maria Bingo, Maria Casino, Carlos Poker, Carlos Place and Bingo dot se. All of these online casinos are now part of the Unibet gambling network. Unibet has decided to broaden its demographic coverage, and with the European Commission pressing for local gambling markets in Europe to open up for competition, Unibet needs to act quickly.

“With this acquisition we will strengthen our position in the Nordic region as well as within the fast growing online bingo market. Unibet is today the leading private gaming company among men, and with this acquisition we will also be leading among women,” said one of Unibet’s highest members. Online casino firms must have the ability to offer gambling services around the globe if they intend to make it. Online gambling has become a global trend and firms need to adjust their products accordingly. Unibet is known for its global reach and is offering gambling sites in more than 20 languages.

As additional markets become available for the industry we will surely see more deals and cooperation among various industry members. Transforming a business into a global one isn’t easy and many firms will have to join forces with competitors in order to survive. Large corporations will have to stay on the move and make sure that they are ready to enter any market that invites competition. Obvisouly, we will keep you posted as more news come our way and new events shape the way the online casino industry is working.

OCA News Editor