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Online Casino Business Aims for the Skies

Online casino firm 888 is about to launch a brand new gambling system that helps flight passengers battle in-flight boredom. 888 is one of the most popular online gambling firms operating these days and it’s known for its sharp business sense. The company will work with Ryan Air to offer in-flight gambling for wanting passengers. Just think about it; what’s a better time-killer than a thrilling game of poker or an action-packed blackjack session? Using the new platform passengers will be able to connect to the internet and bet for real cash on games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. Will gambling become the answer for in-flight boredom? 888 surely hopes so.

Already seated, passengers will use their in-flight TV screens to access virtual casinos that 888 will operate. The passengers will be directed to 888’s online casino and will be able to use it just as if they were surfing from their own personal computer. Gambling for real money will be possible using credit cards or other online payment methods. Currently, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific are planning to use the new system. This is a serious business move forward for the online casino company; one that might attract the attention of other big industry names.

The new system opens the door for a variety of business opportunities. Not only will it attract more players to 888’s online casino, but it will be used as an advertising platform for the entire industry. Passengers will become acquainted with the world of online casinos and will be able to spend the time, which they already consider as “lost” during flight, to play gambling games and try out casino products. “This will attract more players in more places every day,” said Gigi Levy, CEO of 888.

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