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Favorable Business Reports Simply Keep Coming

Encouraging numbers simply keep coming and coming. Following the wonderful reports by gambling giant 888, yet another major online casino firm is releasing favorable financial reports. Party Gaming, one of the leaders of the online casino business, has apparently seen a 70 percent increase in casino player number! The fact that company increased its number of casino players doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, PartyGaming did purchase International Online Gaming and Empire Online transforming their casino players into its own. However, no one expected the online casino firm to report such a drastic change in numbers.

Looking at other parts of the firm’s report you’ll see that the third quarter of the year has brought Party Gaming some $115.7 million. One other interesting figure released in the report deals with game popularity. The most popular game was Blackjack, and not Poker as expected. Overall poker revenues went down by some 3 percent during the third quarter, but that is attributed to the closing of the American market, where most poker fans originate from. The company’s sports betting system shows encouraging numbers after low results during the second quarter of 2007. This of course has to do with the start of the football seasons in the United States.

All in all, major online casino firms have closed the third quarter with more than positive numbers. This shows that the online casino industry is still alive and kicking and that there is much money to be made from online gambling businesses. Government should look closely on similar reports and realize that online gambling regulation and taxation is the way to go. Banning the business, like the United States’ government is doing, means that millions of dollars that could be made into tax money are simply gone.

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