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A New SMS Platform for Gambling Businesses

A Las Vegas-based Players Network will soon be offering a series of promotional sweepstakes via SMS text messaging. This brilliant idea will make it much easier for players to wager over horseracing. Under current legislation in the United States, horseracing wagering is allowed to be offered via the internet as online gambling over horseracing isn’t banned. Offering wagers via SMS makes gambling even more mobile that the internet can make it, and it is great seeing business firms starting to explore new platforms. The new campaign will be massively advertised through the company’s Video-On-Demand platforms in an effort to maximize players’ interest.

Using a mobile device to gamble is as close as you can get to ‘freeform gambling’ in the way people don’t have to do anything but to receive an SMS telling them about the new wager and giving them the ability to participate right there and then. You can always on the edge and you can always take part in an exciting gambling contest. For one, people won’t have to find a computer in order to gamble from their houses, and secondly, they won’t have to stop their everyday routine in order to gamble. People can read SMS text messages while at work, at school or on the road. This business platform is perfect for firms looking to offer the next-big-thing in virtual gambling.

Currently, there are different kinds of mobile gambling platforms on the market. The Las Vegas-based Players Network decided to go with Modern Mobile Marketing on this. President of Programming for Players Network has this to say on the matter: “We’ve been searching for a mobile marketing partner for a long time. A lot of companies say they do everything, but when you dig deeper you realize they either don’t have the technology or the creativity you desire. Modern Mobile Marketing has both and more.”

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