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NYX Delivers Promised Online Casino Games

The agreement between NYX Interactive from Sweden and Svenska Spel International which was signed earlier in the year has finally yield results, as announced by NYX Interactive. The Swedish gambling group signed an agreement with the country’s gambling monopoly to provide a new online casino gambling platform for Lithuania’s WinLotto game. Interactive versions of Bingo, Lottery and other probability games were delivered and the business deal between the two seems to be a successful one. All casino games were developed in Flash technology and no downloads are required.

“It is gratifying that we can now start rolling out these games on a larger scale also with the largest operator in Sweden and one of the most innovative gaming operators in the world. Thanks to our high-quality gaming products and excellent cooperation with Svenska Spel, a forerunner in on-line gaming products among the world’s government-owned lottery companies, we have succeeded in securing an additional customer within the WLA sphere,” said a spokesman for NYX Interactive. Using a State’s monopoly as their distribution platform, the online casino group ensures high exposure for its gambling products.

While the European Union has some issues with such state monopolies, these companies are highly successful and reach many gamblers. The opposition is calling for the reconstruction of European online gambling markets and the implementation of free market regulations. However, similar business deals show that elements in the industry realize the potential of gambling monopolies, like Svenska Spel International, and that until real legal action is carried against their market control, state online casino monopolies will continue to do business. When one or two firms control an entire online gambling market, it’s easier for casino games developers, if in fact they manage to sign an agreement with the monopoly, to spread new casino games.

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