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Smoking Ban Good For Online Casino Business

Although legislation has done wrong with the online gambling industry, some laws are good for business. Ohio was once a state for the Bingo fan. You could find a bingo house anywhere packed with eager gamblers. However, now that the state outlawed smoking in public places – bingo is not as fun as it used to be for many. People enjoyed playing bingo while smoking freely at the bingo house. With the ban over smoking in place, people prefer to stay home and play bingo using the internet. With online casino sites, no one will tell you to put your cigarette out.

“Me and my friends used to go to Bingo at church every Friday night, but now some of my friends stopped going because they couldn’t smoke anymore, so now I just play online,” said Margaret Fletchine, 67. Some people want to play bingo so much, but still can’t give up there smoking habits that they travel to other states for the thrill. Pennsylvania recorded an increase in players who traveled from Ohio to visit bingo halls across the state. In total it is estimated that bingo halls in Ohio saw a 15 to 20 percent decrease in their business, while online casino visit went up.

This is not surprising as online casino gambling offer the best and most comfortable way to gamble. You have no one telling you what to do; you have to care only for yourself and you don’t even have to leave your house. Gambling at online casino sites is a wonderful option for people who like to smoke while gambling and for people who don’t like to be bothered when attending to their casino games. As smoking becomes forbidden in public places, many people take their business online, be it shopping or casino gambling.

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