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First Ever Green Online Casino

With global warming now a major issue around the world and public’s awareness regarding the future of the earth is growing, one online casino site decided to take action. Casino del Rio is the first green online casino site in the world; the site introduces a new tree-planting scheme and other green initiatives that station the site as a true environmentalist. The site slogan goes “go green, play green and win green” and although the site is an online casino like the ones you already know it promotes an environmental friendly ideology.

For starters, the site pledges to plan a tree for every new player that signs for the site. If you are looking for a new online casino to gamble at and hold the future of the plant dearly – then you have found the place for you. Open an account and a tree will be planted reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. All the facilities at the online casino’s headquarters have been remodeled to fit with the firm’s environmental-friendly approach and the site itself have undergone a complete makeover as well. The design doesn’t resemble other online casino sites and it does give the player a “cleaner” feel.

In order to make a real difference in the world, the online casino site has signed a deal with the non-profit environmental organization The New Green Group. Both online casino firm and the organization will work together at facilitating action for companies that strive to be a part of a sustainable solution. While many would say that the new green cover for the site is nothing more than a publicity stunt, all would have to agree that it’s a positive initiative after all. It doesn’t really matter if a tree is planted as part of a publicity campaign as long as the tree is planted. This online casino, regardless to its motives, will benefit with the environment and that is the most important thing.

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