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Poker Ace Works with Online Casino Firm

Online gambling group Gameloft has decided to bring in some professional help. Gus Hansen, the poker ace, is going to be assisting the online casino firm in developing Million Dollar Poker. The new game is designated to be the most accessible and advance poker game to date. Taking that under consideration, it’s no surprise Gameloft is using a professional poker player as an advisor. “Poker games are a staple in the arena of mobile games and our challenge was to develop the next evolution of the genre,” said Gonzague de Vallois, vice president of publishing at Gameloft.” The new poker platform should be ready by the end of this October, so keep your eyes and ears open.

The online casino group believes that the most important element of any poker game is its psychological dimension, the way the artificial intelligence of the game behaves. A professional poker player could shed important light on the subject and tell casino software engineers how a poker player thinks, what he expects and what is crucial for understating your opponent. The new poker platform comes with a special algorithm that creates different opponent profiles and the player can play against different ‘people’ all the time. With more than one million different types of opponents, things will never get boring at the online casinos.

It’s nice to see how the online casino industry is using the knowledge and experience of poker aces like Gus Hansen and others. Such business relationships makes the world of online gambling much more exciting and entertaining as poker aces help software companies bring life into the virtual games. Online casinos are supposed to be virtual counterparts of land-based operations, but only deep knowledge and experience could make such a difficult task possible.

OCA News Editor