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New Business Model to Tackle Ban over Online Casinos

The legal landscape in the United States doesn’t seem to be changing. Barney Frank’s bill for the regulation and taxation of the online casino industry did not manage to raise proper support and for now – the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act stands still. What will be the future of the gambling industry on the American internet is unclear. While the focus so far has been targeted at changing the way the government is handling online casino firms, the solution might be found in a completely different way. If things aren’t going to change soon, then the online casino industry needs to adopt.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act addresses online casino firms that offer online gambling services to the American public. Such firms cannot work with any financial firm, they cannot process their payments and deposits and they are basically unable to operate in the United States. That’s why online gambling groups should change their business model so it will not fall under the jurisdiction of the anti online casino act. Firms should come up with a different way to generate revenues. They should combine advertisement schemes into their casino platforms and built their revenue bases around such models. There are many other ways to make money over the internet.

There is no question about the size of the gambling public in America. Any commercial firm would love to advertise to such a large amount of people. Online casinos can offer online gambling for free by charging advertisements for the ability to advertise inside their casino platforms. By doing so, many people will join the online casinos and by fact their actions would not even be regarded as gambling. Serious thinking needs to be done but it seems that the future of online gambling could be brighter than ever.

OCA News Editor