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Online Casino Group Sues Former Executive

Farrell was head of Irish operations for the online casino firm between 2002 and 2004 and it’s still unclear what the nature of the litigation is. The gambling group’s spokesman said that part of Farrell’s job involved handling sums of money and that not all of the sums are accounted for. That would be a good reason for litigation, if you ask me. All in all, looking at the numbers, Farrell has increased the company’s revenue from its business in Ireland.

Farrell spoke with the Sunday Business Post regarding the issue and said that he managed to increase the online casino firm’s monthly income from Euro 600,000 to more than Euro 5 million! The online gambling world has been growing ever since the first online casino was launched and it’s not surprising that the online gambling firm increased its revenue. However, such a large increase in revenue can and should be attributed to Farrell. Until new details will become available we have no choice but to speculate on the scale for the missing sums. If Farrell managed to increase the company’s monthly income by almost ten folds, how much money can he have taken to be sued like this? Anyhow, the online casino firm might have decided to sue Farrell for the act itself and not for the high sums that he allegedly made to disappear.

With the online casino industry walking on egg’s shells when it comes to legislation and the way the public is looking at the world of online casinos, this kind of publicity is not what the industry needs. Hopefully, the online gambling group could put this matter to rest quickly, the truth will be set free and the gambling community could go on and deal with happier and more entertaining topics. Like it’s used to be doing.

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