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Online Casino Industry Show Stand Firm

Recently, we heard about the American Gaming Association and its large budget for lobbying. The association is lobbying for several big issues with the ban over the online casino industry being one of them. Every now and then we hear about another group that jumps in and takes the online casino industry’s side claiming for rights being infringed etc. The big question is why don’t we hear about an Online Casino Gaming Association lobbying for it? Any additional help is greatly appreciated, but a body that represents the online casino industry alone should be heard.

Barney Frank’s new bill which asks for regulation and taxation might not be the ideal solution for the online gambling industry, but it is much better than the current state of affairs with a complete ban over any gambling site that is offering casino games or sports wagers. Obviously, there are elements within the industry that does not want to see the industry taxed or even regulated, but that is unrealistic at best. People like to know they are playing at safe sites and regulation is the best way at it. Taxing will also help lift the ban as it will be the sweetener used on politicians that don’t see eye to eye with supports of the bill. Frank’s bill is the best way to tackle the Unlawful Internet Enforcement Act and bring online gambling back to the American public.

Hopefully, the big online gambling groups will agree on a mutual stand start supporting the efforts to lift the current ban over online casino gambling in America. The groups have enough funds and influence to make a different, but sadly their voices isn’t heard. Maybe online casino firms are too occupied with survival and migration to foreign markets, and maybe not. Either way, this should be a top priority for everyone.

OCA News Editor