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Online Casino Groups to Inspect ID Verification

ID verification is the new baby of the online gambling business community. In an afford to attract additional players and ensure the safety and privacy of existing players, the online casino industry is constantly looking for ways to improve online security measures on their platforms. A new seminar called “Identity Matters” is planning to shine new light on the world of ID verifications and many online casino firms would do good to attend. The seminar will take place in London during the 20th and 21st of November and will address online security issues as well as the question “why identity is relevant to business”.

The entire world is going in a new direction – regulation. Online gambling groups that want to be a part of the growing online gambling industry in the future will have to play along. Governments want to ensure that responsible gambling is practiced, that under aged players are kept out of the online casinos, and that problematic gamblers cannot use the sites’ platforms. The way to ensure all of the above is by forcing online casino firms to use an ID verification system. People that would like to gamble online would have to hand out a few identifying details, like age and state of origin etc. Obviously, the data could not be linked back to the player, but will only be used to access the site.

People are usually worried about their personal data being stored on remote servers. The new platform is working under a completely different business model. All information will be stored for a limited amount of time, but there will be no relation between the player and the data. Let’s say you’re nickname is “Player1” and you are 30 years of age. The only indication in the system will be that a 30 year old gambler has accessed the system. There will be no connection between the gathered detail and you or your profile.

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