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Regulation Good for Online Casino Business

The online casino market is changing, that’s for sure. Anyone playing at the online casinos can tell you that. The American market, which was the biggest source of income for gambling firms, is off-limits for now, and everyone is concentrating on foreign markets now. Europe is becoming the center of the online casino business and most firms have migrated to the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. As online gambling becomes popular in Europe, all sorts of regulation and taxation schemes are popping and governments are considering different paths. We haven’t seen the biggest change yet. Hopefully, Europe will adopt the online gambling community and we could all profit.

The biggest concerns governments are dealing with revolve around the notion of problematic gamblers that gain easy access to gambling sites. Under a proper regulation program, the online casino business can be monitored and gambling providers can be forced to comply with local regulations. This kind of situation will benefit both gambling fans and the rest of the community. Governments would increase their revenue from taxes and the community will gain safe home entertainment. The industry seems to be growing and we see more and more attractions for the European and Asian markets. The biggest change is still ahead of us and it will have to do with the complete legalization of the business.

With so many people gambling online, authorities would not be able to say ‘No’ for long. Excuses are running out. Take eCOGRA for instance. This self regulating body is monitoring the industry and providing safe online casinos for gambling fans all over the world. Regulation is working and would see more of it in the near future. Italy for example is already licensing gambling permits for firms that wish to offer online gambling to the Italian market. Other countries will eventually do the same.

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