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eCOGRA Offers New Services for Gambling Industry

The eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, the eCOGRA, is now offering new services. eCOGRA is a self-regulating body that monitors the online gambling industry , enforces responsible gambling and protects the players’ community. eCOGRA is currently inspecting some of the biggest names in the industry, and it’s very encouraging to see that the industry is playing along. Players want to feel safe when they play online, and firms should allow eCOGRA to investigate and pin-point what needs to be changed, if there is. eCOGRA has decided to widen the range of available services due to specific requests by operators. The business needs of the industry are constantly changing, and eCOGRA wants to keep up.

eCOGRA will be offering the industry a Specialist Reviews service. The regulating body uses its vast knowledge and capability to set and enforce a safe gambling environment on the internet. The body will assist and advise firms on how to implement that latest software and how to change their platforms to fit the strict standards that eCOGRA has set. Under the new service, online casino gambling firms will be able to get assistance with their affiliate programs as well. eCOGRA is answering a business need of the industry and offers the requested assistance.

Most online casino firms are cooperating with eCOGRA in order to satisfy their clients. The regulation body now offers Verification Servicers that will help firms verify that they meet all standards. This will give online casino firms the legitimacy to inform their players that the site is safe for play. The industry is showing signs of improvement and this is not surprising. If the new initiative to regulate the industry in the United States does pass, eCOGRA will have its hands busy and gambling firms will need to show that they meet the standard.

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