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Software Developer Signs another Major Group

Respected software developer Game Account has signed a multi-year agreement with the largest European integrated betting firm, Gala Coral. Under the new agreement, the leading software developer will license software for the entertainment group and offer its gaming portfolio to Gala Coral’s online customers. Game Account caters for the regulated online casino gaming industry and is regarded as one of the leaders in its field. In detail, Gala Coral’s customers will be able to enjoy head-to-head games by Game Account, such as Gin Rummy, Multiplayer Blackjack and Backgammon.

Gala Coral has inspected many potential partners before reaching the decision to work with Game Account. The latter’s head-to-head games were just what the European gambling group needed and the agreement servers both parties. The platforms that Game Account offers, especially its latest software upgrade from April 2007, are considered top-of-the-notch. Players are able to register for online casino tournaments and start playing easily and quickly thanks to new navigation enhancements to the games lobby. Gala Coral is a diverse E-Commerce group that caters for many different audiences. The new gambling platform will surely help the company gain further clients and expand its reach over the European online gaming market.

The need for better online casino platforms is increasing as more people join the race for Europe. Online gambling in America is in question and the big players seek new markets. Having the ability to offer a better online casino experience for clients is a major advantage and companies would pay greatly for the right technology. After all, this is the way to make good business. You need to buy the resources that will help you buy the clients. In this case, what benefits the firms also benefits the players. The competition is driving companies to develop new platforms for licensing and gambling groups are constantly looking for such platforms in order to attract us players.

OCA News Editor