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Online Casino TV Ads Will Wait

Online casino gambling advertisements are back in discussion in the United Kingdom. The British government is reviewing its decision to allow gambling firms to advertise their internet services via television. This unexpected reconsideration comes only days after plans for a supercasino had been canceled. The issue of online casino advertisement is controversial one. From one hand people that believe that online gambling is a fun and positive form of home entertainment do not want to limit the industry, but on the other hand many people that support the industry feel that only gamblers should be exposed to it.

The situation is even more problematic when you think it through. How would people know that they can gamble on the internet if advertisements are banned? By limiting online gambling firms’ ability to promote their business, you are hurting the industry you are out to establish. The UK government wants to regulate the industry, but too many regulations could damage the entire project. According to the new gambling laws, internet casinos could advertise their services on Television starting on September; however, Final word will be made once James Purnell, UK’s secretary of Media and Sports, would go over the plans a second time. The former prime minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, was very fund of online gambling policies but Gordon Brown, his follower, isn’t too keen about them.

The government wants to wait for a study on online gambling before making its decision on the matter, as well as giving the go-head for 16 new casinos across the country. This study is due to be published in September so there’s still a chance to see online gambling advertisement on Television by September. It’s expected that the casino industry would be limited in many ways and that gambling promotions would be inspected before airing.

OCA News Editor