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Audit Group Says Gambling Business to Bloom

PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international audit group, took the time and investigated the growth path of the online and land based casino industry. Even though the American market, once the biggest profit generator of the online industry, is out of the picture – the industry in general shows average growth path of 7.2 percent. This figure means that by the year 2011, the gambling business will reach $144 billion! That’s right, we are talking about an almost $150 billion dollars in less than five years. Gambling business is blooming all over the world. The audit included different regions and a specific report was made for each. Europe, the Middle East and Africa are expected to rise to $27.8 billion while Canada is looking at $5.9 billion and Latin America at $495 million.

Although the report was very positive, it also opined about legal prospects. The restrictions in the United States are expected to have an adverse affect on online gambling in the United Kingdom. Laws that restrict different sorts of online casino sports betting will appear in the near future and hurt the industry all over Europe. Taking this into account you realize that the industry is possible of actually rising more than $144 billion, and that this figure is a result of future regulations and legislations.

Some areas in the United States allow gambling to take place (and even promote it) and they show a sharp inclination to grow in the coming years as well. While the online gambling industry’s future in the U.S. is unclear, land-based gambling are not going anywhere. Tribal casinos are also expected to grow and reach $36.5 billion in 2011. It seems that everyone involved with gambling is going to have a wonderful time these coming years. Online gambling business as well as land-based attractions holds great promise and we, as players, are only going to benefit from all of this.

OCA News Editor