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Internet Gambling Takes Additional Business Overseas

With online gambling services practically illegal in the United States, everyone’s eyes are looking at Europe. Most of the big names in the business have migrated to Europe and now offer their gambling portfolios to European citizens. The English-speaking market becomes less and less profitable and everyone is changing their business approach. As to mark the change, we now see the online casino marketing firm Jeu De Casion En Ligne launching a special French language version of its website. The company will offer marketing services for the growing European market instead of the slow American one.

Director George MacDonald shed some light on the new website and said that it will serve as a window for French-speaking players. Basically, the site will act as a gambling portal for the French market. People usually tend to prefer websites that speak their own languages, and the site will give them an easy access to French speaking internet casinos. The site was translated by human translators and not by translation software. Initially, translation software was tested, but the site’s owners decided that a human approach would be best.

The company is based in Paris and the change of atmosphere in the casino industry made it possible for them to launch their own French oriented platform. As the casinos themselves target different audiences we see that other parts of the industry, parts that are not offering gambling options but rather offer complementary services, are also changing their focus and align with the casino firms. With additional markets being explored all the time, we should expect additional changes to the gambling world and to the way firms interact with it. For example, translation services will be needed for different languages, international financing is yet another field that will benefit from the change, etc.

OCA News Editor