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Online E-Wallet Provider Returns Funds

In last October, when the United States government made online casino business in America impossible, many firms have left the market. One of those firms is NETeller. The company is known for its online transaction services and was a big helper to the industry. Most players used the firm’s e-wallet service and the company suffered great losses when the online gambling industry left America. Exiting the market has created a very unpleasant situation where American’s money was still held at the firm’s accounts. After all, accessing the company’s virtual financial accounts in an attempt to collect money used for online gambling might cause a legal problem for company.

NETeller announced that it has reached an agreement with the United States authorities that will help online casino player and other users to get their money back. NETeller’s accounts will open for a limited period and costumers could access their e-wallets and request their money. NETeller will not charge users for transfer commissions and hopefully the entire matter could be over with. The company also stated that the accounts could not be used for anything other than funds withdrawal. The company does not want to risk any wrong doings and people using the account for online gambling transactions of any sorts.

NETeller was a great contributor to the online casino community and made it possible for millions of players to gamble online without using their credit cards or their bank account information. People prefer not to hand out their personal information, and NETeller’s e-wallet solution helped online casino enter a market segment that was once impossible for them to penetrate. Players then could forget about security issues and concentrate on having fun at their favorite online casino. Only a small portion of all casino players used their credit cards as their payment option. The industry would have been much smaller if e-wallets were not part of the game – and that is exactly why the anti online casino bill was successful.

OCA News Editor