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Media Company Appoints New Games Director

Talarius, owner of the internet gambling portal Cyberslotz, brings new blood into its system. The online gambling firm has hired Les Brydon as the new Gaming Support Director, a position made especially for Brydon in light of future business plans over at Talarius. The firm will amalgamated its technical and security departments and Brydon will have a direct influence over the process. Online players are looking for a safe environment to gamble at and customer service is the most important aspect of any firm looking to offer internet gambling services. By merging the technical division of the company with its security branch, the firm will be able to produce better solutions for its gambling public.

Brydon’s business responsibility will include several other areas. The Gaming Support Director will also supervise third part servicing strategy and progressing the roll-out of a remote viewing digital CCTV programme. It seems like Talarius wants to expend its reach over non-gambling related markets and believes that Brydon is the man for the job. Brydon’s career at Talarius goes about 13 years back, and this appointment will be his most senior position. The company keeps the important position in-house and does not import an executive from outside, showing that Brydon’s has the firm upmost respect.

Many of the big names in online casino gambling are a part of larger media corporation that also deals with other markets. After all, online gambling is one of many forms of virtual entertainment. Cyberslotz is an online venue that specializes in online slots games. If you’re a slots fan, then this is the site for you. However, with entertainment in mind, the site also features other online casino games for you to select from. The advantage of large media companies is that they can offer a diverse online experience, which most players prefer.

OCA News Editor