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Online Casino Poker Firm Releases 1st Quarter Results

The Taiwan-based company Giga Media has released its first quarter results with magnificent numbers. The gambling firm who purchased Grand Virtual in the past is now making impressive headway with about 167 percent increase to its net income! One of the main sources for such a remarkable turnout is the online casino poker site ‘Everest Poker’. The sharp increase in net income is not the only impressive figure the firm reported. Additionally, the company’s consolidated revenues are up by 95 percent to $36.1 million, its consolidated operating income grew by 164 percent and are now standing on $8.7 million. With numbers like these, online poker remains a highly profitable business.

The gambling firm is scheduling a summer launch of many new games and attractions. Although mainland Asia is Giga Media’s primary market, the firm is now aiming Japanese players as well with a real-money Japanese gaming package is up for release. Giga Media is based in Taiwan, but its record-breaking revenue numbers did not originate from the Asian market at all – they are a direct result of the companies business in Europe. Giga Media is offering poker software services for European firms and to the online casino industry in general and has been getting a steady stream of cash flow from this section of the company’s business division.

We are seeing more and more gambling firms turning into global providers. Online casino gambling is now a global trend and focusing on one market alone is not a good business decision. The internet is an international playground and firms need to adopt an international approach to business. Offering the same services abroad usually involves low costs and a very high turnout. Giga Media’s numbers are exactly the kind of turnout that is waiting for firms that take their gambling business around the globe.

OCA News Editor