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Firms Spend Millions on Online Marketing Techniques

It’s well known that there are people who spend a lot of money on online gambling. People spend money on the net all the time, and when it comes to gambling using the internet, some people have the tendency to cough up extra dollars then other. However, it seems that almost everything associated with gambling causes people to spend money, and lots of it. According to the internet betting news site, Gambling911, the domain name auction service Moniker sold domain names for the gambling industry for a total of $1.3 million! The highest sum was paid for “Slots.Com” while other domain names related to gambling were sold for respectable sums as well.

The domain name “Scores.Com” went for $1.2 million, very close to the sum paid for the entire Moniker auction. “Poker.Com” is also for sale, but there hasn’t been any confirmation of a deal as of yet. The last alleged offer was around the $30 million, but there is no official word to back that information. With the online casino industry rolling billions of dollars worldwide, paying such a high sum isn’t that ludicrous. A simple name that literally cries “online gambling!” is exactly what you need to repay the investment. Although, the domain name is not always what you should invest in.

True, a catchy name is something that always helps business, but appearing on the top of the search results is what really matters. Even with a long un-user friendly domain name that appears on the top results on Google, you will generate high revenue. Most online firms invest more money into Search Engine Optimization then into any other marketing tool. Think about it; what site will you visit? A site that appears on the second place of Google’s search results, or a site that doesn’t even appear on the first page of the results? The answer is simple. There is a lot of money going into online casino marketing. Don’t let the high sums fool you. It’s not all spent on domain names.

OCA News Editor