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Online Casino Business Unwelcome by Google

One of the United Kingdom’s most respected publications has released new information about Google’s take on online casino gambling. It seems that the search giant believes that pornographic material is more “moral” than online casino gambling. How did the publication come up with this notion, you ask? Well, they conducted a simple experiment. A search for a blunt pornographic phrase in Google yield plenty of relevant results in both organic and paid search results. However, when searching for online gambling, Google was not as helpful. The magazine decided to investigate into the matter, and found some interesting information on how the online casino industry is regarded by the world’s leading search company.

Currently, online casino firms are banned from Google’s highly successful and highly effective pay-per-click promotion service. Firms cannot advertise online casino business using this platform, meaning that sponsored links will not be helpful for people searching for online casino information on Google. A short investigation showed that both the United Kingdom gambling industry and the search community have addressed Google on the matter, with little success. The objective of such policy is questionable. Both Google and SEM companies could benefit from working together, and banning the advertisement of online casino sites on Google’s Adware service only leads for reputable companies to look for ways to trick the system.

The online casino industry’s cycle is a GBP 42 billion-a-year one, and Google should be thinking about doing business with such a large part of the online business community. Google banning any morally conservational industry from its services is one thing, but allowing pornography distributors to freely promote their business through Google’s search engine, while banning online casino firms is almost ridicules. With Microsoft’s search engine becoming more popular, Google will have to rethinking its strategy. The big industries are constantly looking for new ways to promote their business. People can use other search engines and Google should offer an unbiased stand or else the online casino industry might take its business elsewhere.

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