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Major Online Casino Firm Buys Bingo Ring

Online casino firms keep doing business. One of the biggest online gambling firms in the industry has recently purchased a popular online bingo venue and added it to its vast portfolio of online casino attractions. The deal went down for $32.4 million, as the firm reports. An additional fee of $11 million will be paid according to the site’s performance. Bingo is growing in popularity and more online casino players turn to the virtual tables to play online bingo. The game is thrilling and brings a different kind of excitement. Adding one of the net’s most popular online bingo platforms to its gambling offers make the online casino firm sites even more attractive.

The company said that this online casino deal will surely enhance the firm’s earning in the following financial year, and that they expect to see immediate change in revenue. The bingo ring consists of some 45 online casino sites that operate bingo operations. As a direct result of the deal, all of them will become the property of the online casino firm and will generate revenue for it. Expansion is the name of the game these days, and online gambling firms are constantly trying to expand their business. The misfortune with the United States market showed clearly that focusing on one field alone could be disastrous in the long run.

Offering multiple selections for online casino players guarantees that more players are attracted to the online casino firm’s sites, and that if change is necessary – the company can easily shift from market to market, and from one focus to another. Currently the industry is focusing on Europe, and this deal means that the online casino firm has purchased many new European players. Bingo is highly popular in the United Kingdom with most online players originate in Britain. Having a strong online bingo portfolio ensures a safe future for any online gambling firm aiming at the European market, and besides, offering more options for the player, regardless to where he is located, means offering a better service – and that is online gambling is all about.

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