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Online Casino Business in Antigua Settles Debts

Online casino operations based in Antigua and Barbuda are popular among American gamblers. This fact used to be an advantage, as gambling business from the largest online casino market in the world would be directed at these islands. But with the change in policy with all that regards the American online casino business, it now brings special attention to the online casinos there. Although the attention was not invited, strictly speaking, by the Antigua and Barbuda online casino sites, it brings good news to the industry as a whole. Under the pressure of the US, settlement of accounts is to go underway.

The US taking on offshore online casino operations, specifically those used by Americans, has motivated efforts by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) of Antigua and Barbuda to get involved with the business situation of the sites. The Commission said in a statement: “The process has been implemented under the supervisory authority given to the FSRC in order to give extra reassurance to organizations that funds returned that will be properly used in the settlement of creditors in line with legal requirements.” Players and employees will benefit from the new policy, as licensed online casino operations will be scrutinized and held responsible from now on.

But the online casino operations themselves will also benefit from the policy. Settling business debts and paying processors, players and employees will help make the entire industry legit in a business sense. Managing a proper business, one that is viable and legitimate, must begin with transparency and assurances that money owed is paid appropriately. Not only customers, but the workers themselves practically demand the business be managed this way. The online casino business is all about being a straightforward and honest business. These measures will help it stay that way.

OCA News Editor