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Budget Airline Business Incorporates Online Casino

It is not clear which business to credit this surprising and promising venture to – the budget airline that will from now on offer an online casino with a selection of games on its ticket purchasing Website or the online casino operator that will reach new clients and potential gamblers. The bottom line is that they both will see profit from this business idea, but not only they. So will greater society, which the budget airline business said will see a generous portion of the profit go to it in the form of charity contributions.

An agreement between the two companies, a European affordable airline operator and an online casino company will create a new kind of Website, one that is both reservation center and an entertainment kingdom. Travelers will be able to book flight tickets with the airline, make car rental orders and hotel room reservations in the most efficient manner on the site. Additionally on the company’s Website will be online casino games of a wide selection, including bingo roulette and blackjack, among others. Either aspect of the Website will benefit from the other half. The airline reservations business will see gamblers use it to book travels and the online casino games will have new gamblers join from the travel section.

Low travel fare will thus be ensured, via the profit from the online casino operation, as the CCO of the airline said: “The online gaming facility will enable us to generate revenue ensuring that we continue to provide passengers with the lowest possible fares, while simultaneously offering customers compelling entertainment and a more enjoyable browsing and booking experience overall.” The joint business is expected to yield profit that will also be shared with the charity causes that the business promotes. A twenty percent cut of each and every online casino game played will go to charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

OCA News Editor