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Online Casino Network Moves to Software Giant

A leading online casino software network has made a huge step in daily business – it has moved to join and become a part of a well-known and famous online casino software giant. It seems that many online casino poker sites will be leaving this online casinos network due to the merger that took place in October 2006 between this online casino software group and another major one in the online gambling industry.

Mergers are old hat in this fairly new industry. Online casino groups buy and sell each other on what seems to have become a daily basis. Why? This industry is like any other successful business industry – when if and when it grows there have to be leaders and those who are less strong in the market. The online casino leaders are simply expanding their presence and reach within the world of online casinos, climbing up the ladder of success one takeover at a time.

More of these mergers and acquisitions should be expected within the online casino industry. Although the passing of the UIGEA, or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, took its toll, and will continue to do so, on the online casino market, online gambling firms are still finding that there is a strong following and many other potential markets to enter in order to keep business strong. The online casino industry is here, and it will continue to stay as long as people wish to play their favorite online casino games.

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