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Online Casino Business in State of Shock

The arrest of the former NETeller directors and founding shareholder founders has sewn confusion around the business of online casino. Finance companies – not only payment method providers but investment banks and the investors as well – are in a state of surprise, shock and awe following the recent move by the United States Department of Justice. Since the arrests, the DoJ has also issued subpoenas to various online casino related businesses. Who is targeted and who might get hurt by the anti-online casino persecution is unclear at the moment, leaving the entire business in bad spirits and negative business prospects.

The biggest investment banks, such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank and others as well, have been ordered by the American Department of Justice to hand over any information regarding online casino gambling. This includes all communications, emails and others, with online casino operations. Accounting offices and law firms are other businesses that have received similar orders from the US. The reports of these subpoenas appeared in international newspapers. They add that it is not clear who or what business is targeted, leaving the online casino industry in a state of uncertainty.

Moreover, the ongoing investigation carried out by the Americans is causing tension between the two governments, the US and the United Kingdom. The overall policies which direct the two countries are polar and opposed, as the UK is trying to work for the regulation of the online casino business. A source quoted in the reports described the US action as taking “a shotgun, not a rifle approach in relation to lots of gaming companies and has just asked everyone to hand over all the information they have,” thus expressing some anger at the move.

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