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Online Casino Brings Roofing Contractor Major Bucks

Online casino fans will be interested to know that business may be good for 37-year-old New Jersey roofing contractor, Rick Rosetti. But it can never be as good as winning a major jackpot at a leading poker event or at online casinos! Online casino poker lovers who are thinking of trying their hand at winning some major cash at the World Series of Poker should listen up! Rosetti took home a whopping US 368,096 dollars as well as a US 10,000 dollar sponsorship as the icing on the cake at the recent World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event! Now that is one amazing win for this hard-working poker fan!

During his play in Atlantic City, an exciting heads up game with management consultant Alex Gomez brought poker to a whole new level. At first, Gomez had a dominating lead in chips, but Rosetti came in with a blinder of a game for 75 hands to win, taking the cash for first prize as well as the online casino sponsored 2007 WSOP seat and a champion’s ring. It definitely wasn’t business as usual for these two great poker players! Online casino fans can feel confident that if these two men could do it, so can they!

Imagine playing in one of the major gambling capitals of the world and taking home that amount of cash! The bright lights, the ringing of the bells and coins falling from the slot machines, the non-stop action, the free drinks, and the fun that goes on all day and all night would put you in the mood to win! It’s the same feeling when you’re playing at the online casino! Many online casino poker fans go on to play at the real tournaments after winning satellite tourneys to qualify for these main events.

So get down to business and try your hand at winning one of these top online casino satellite tournaments so you can become the next player at a main WSOP event! What are you waiting for? There is online casino qualifying tourneys running all year long. Have fun, bring your A game, and good luck! Who knows? You just might win!

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