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Acquisition to go Through for Online Casino Shareholders

Two leading online casino groups have finally agreed to a business deal including an acquisition that shareholders of both online casino groups agree on. One of the online casinos companies has completed the sale of its gaming operations and operating infrastructure in Antigua and Toronto to the other popular and famous online casino firm.

Sara Waller, Marketing Manager at the online casino that sold its gaming operations had this to say: ‘From today…would like to extend a big welcome all our new Canadian customers…’ Because this online casino doesn’t operate within the Canadian market, the business transfer will now include online casino gamblers from this North American country. Hopefully the online casino members of the online gambling company will not notice a major change and will continue to enjoy visiting and playing at the various sites on offer.

These business acquisitions are very common in the online casino industry. Every day another online casino is sold to a larger group that takes over its games, sites, and customer base. As with all successful markets, business transactions are part of every day life. And now, with the passing of the anti-gambling law in the US, more and more of these deals will be taking place within the online casinos industry. The world, and online casino fans in particular, will anxiously wait to see if the Congress will make some changes regarding this law. Until then, online gamblers will have to find their favorite online games at online casinos overseas.

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