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Online Casino Players Can Play Like James Bond

A Belgian company, Cartamundi, has recently been licensed to manufacture and market poker accessories for the latest James Bond film, ‘Casino Royale’. The public release of sets of playing cards and poker chips will be designed to be like those used by the famous 007 agent in the movie. Online casino fans and gambling lovers all over the world will be able to purchase these accessories and feel like Bond when using them. Although they are not virtual, as online casino players are accustomed to when it comes to their playing accessories, these will bring a real-life element to their gambling experience. Online casinos players will enjoy this break from the PC.

‘We hope the publicity generated by the new James Bond film will raise the profile of both Cartamundi and poker in general. Poker has become an absolute rage throughout the world, so we are convinced that this trend can only be stimulated further by the new Bond film ‘Casino Royale,’ said Bert Van Pelt, business unit manager. Two poker sets are available for online casino fans and land-based players as well as the playing cards. The compact poker set contains 150 chips and there is also a luxury set with 200 chips. The products bear the ‘Casino Royale’ logo as created for the movie so online casino and regular players can truly feel like James Bond.

So if you love the online casino and you also enjoy watching all of the James Bond films, this is definitely your chance to play like 007. What are you waiting for? Get the game now and have the time of your life playing top poker with state-of-the-art accessories! It will be just another way to add to your online casino experience and give you one of the greatest gambling sessions of your life!

OCA News Editor