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Software Changes For Online Casino Sites

The recently legislated Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is starting to make some waves. Some of the bigger, publicly-held, online gambling software producers, such as Playtech, Crtypologic, Ongame and Boss Media, have announced that they will no longer allow their software to be used in online casino sites that provide services to US citizens. Although there are some sites that use their proprietary software, the situation has forced many online casino operators to switch their software provider, in order be able to continue to allow Americans to bet in their sites.

But not everyone thinks that the change in online casino software providers is such a bad thing. Daniel Negreanu, a professional poker player, thinks it may even be good to change software: “We could end up having a better software than what we had before. The building of a new software can really improve the online gambling experience”. Some online casino companies replied to the software providers’ abandonment by claiming that they won’t have any problem to find a new provider and make the site look identical to what it looked before.

It is clear that the damage for most of the online casino web sites won’t be big, but one problem that may arise is the downtime. Although in theory there shouldn’t be any significant downtime when upgrading the software – which can even be done overnight – there will probably be glitches here and there. Hoping there will be as little problems as possible, the online casino sites are already starting to change their software trying a different approach to keep up with the still thriving online casino business.

OCA News Editor