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Online Casino Ban and its Affect on the I-Gaming Business

Mitch Garber, CEO of a leading online casino company, has stated recently that there is a 50 percent chance that the new prohibitionist US legislation, which outlaws online casino gaming, will be shelved within three years. This, he claims, is contingent upon a major change in the US Congress. That change would have to see the majority and balance of power drift away from the Republicans. It could happen – especially if US online casinos fans respond with a strong backlash during the elections this November. If this should happen, outlooks for business in the online gambling industry would be much better for companies and fans alike.

His position was echoed by CEO Andy McIver of another leading online casino company, who also believes the US political climate could alter to lean in the online casino industry’s favor. However, business industry insiders suggested offshore operators would most likely not regain their supremacy in the US should anti-online gambling laws be fully unraveled. This is a major concern for many online casino businesses overseas.

These online casino companies would likely face strong competition from the likes of Las Vegas operators Harrah’s and MGM. These businesses have previously avoided online casino gambling because of confusion over its legality. But if the anti-gambling law were to be revoked, many business leaders in this industry would be able to rebuild their presence and succeed, even if it meant they weren’t as popular or successful in the US market as they were before the passing of this current bill.

OCA News Editor