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Online Casino Monopoly: Welcome to the Netherlands

As usual the Dutch are pressing ahead of the pack with innovative legislation regarding online casino licensing. The Dutch government has passed the Donner Motion, giving a 2 years license to their very own Holland Casino as a try-out. This will ensure that the state-owned Holland online casino will have monopoly status, not only in the Netherlands, but all over Europe. Considering that there are approximately 300,000 online casino gamblers in the Netherlands, it is a smart business move on the part of the government to direct them to a state owned and regulated site, directing the money to the government and thus benefiting the ordinary citizen.

If the trial is successful, the legislation could become a model for other states interested in endorsing this new and profitable online casino industry. Dutch minister of justice, Piet Hein Donner, hopes that the trial will not lead to huge surges in gambling but only legalize the already strong online casino market and regulate it to the benefit of the society.

The new online casino will welcome gamblers from all over the world but will also protect the vulnerable group of young gamblers by imposing a limit of 100 Euro per week on gamblers under the age of 23. Now gambling groups in other EU countries are complaining that the decision effectively gives the Netherlands an unfair advantage as a monopoly, limiting free trade. The Dutch government denies this. And what does the online casino community say? Well, how does the saying go: First come, first served.

OCA News Editor