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Online Casino During Business Hours

How many hours do you spend in your office? If you are an average middle class employee, a junior manager in a medium sized firm, you spend something like eight to nine hours in the office including the lunch break and the small talks in the office’s kitchen. Now, cross your heart and hope to die, how much time out of these eight hours do you spend in an online casino placing bets? If you are British please answer sincerely, because we already have the numbers and hiding behind your laptop won’t do you any good! Apparently playing at an online casino during office hours is a trend in Britain.

According to a survey conducted by Online odd comparison site BetRescue no less than three million Brits are engaged in gambling at online casinos at their place of work. An even more astounding figure is the amount of money those dedicated workers gamble with at the online casinos: two billion pounds a year and all of this while working- did somebody say multitasking? The average gambler put out around 23 pounds a week on his or her on-the-clock gambling activity. It comes down to 1200 pounds per gambler for a year. The gambling is not restricted to online casinos. It also includes football, horses, lottery, poker and other sorts of gambling. As we all know, the everyday routine is the enemy of any job. Sadly the report also shows that from all that money only less then a quarter is won back.

Here are some tips if you want to use more efficiently you time in the office and start playing in online casino during work. First of all, if you win (highly unlikely) keep your voice down, dance your victory dance in the privacy of your own home. Don’t keep a list of your favourite online casinos in your favorites; you never know who might use your computer. For the same reason delete the history from the internet explorer. Do not use the office credit card to place bets in online casinos. It is traceable and called stealing. Finally, if you can’t stand the heat, than you should stay out of the kitchen.

OCA News Editor