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Sports Magazine with Online Casino Orientation to Move Hands

Sporting News, a leading magazine that covers the world of sports and has a very strong orientation towards online casino and land-based sport gambling might be changing hands very soon. American City Business Journals, who owns several sports-business publications, said that he will purchase the sports magazine but will rethink it’s take at online casino sites. The sports magazine promotes many online casino sites, and was already approached by the U.S. Department of Justice on this issue.

The magazine follows the world of sports very closely and publishes odds for bets at online casino sites, and regular sports books operations. Online casino players looking for advice on the next big bet can refer to the magazine and find sports statistics and valuable information. With the magazine moving to bigger hands, it’s circulation will probably rise and many more people will be able to read it and familiarize themselves with the link between the world of sports and the world of online casino gambling.

Magazines such as this one, that originally are addressing a non-gambling market, are great for online casino promotion. Sports is linked to gambling and online casino sports books and it’s a wonderful tool to use for online casino advertisement. People looking into sports will be exposed to online casinos sports. Although Sporting News had to pay $7.2 million in order to settle their legal trouble regarding gambling advertisement, the new owner is yet to decide on this issue.

OCA News Editor