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New Study Projects Great Promise for Online Casino Business

The Screen Digest, a site that deals with online gambling and the industry, announced that a study covering 30 online casino operators was concluded and will be published soon. The study takes a look at the online casino industry and the way their business will look in the future. The new study includes an historical forecast for a stretch of 11 years starting at 2000 and ending at 2010. The site looked into all areas of online gambling including online casino games and sports wagering, and investigated their growth, spread, and evolvement.

The study shows that the initial growth in online casino gambling began mainly with ‘hard core’ gamblers, which meant online and used the growing medium to practice online casino gambling. However, the study concludes, that future growth in the industry will be derived by less seasoned gamblers, and people that join the community and play at online casino sites infrequently. The type of gambling is also changing, and gambling today is targeted at the mass market, with easy platforms such as online gambling lottery and other simple forms of gambling.

Online casino business is growing. There is no argument here. The study indicates that spreading on online casino gambling will increase from GBP 600 million in 2005 to GBP 1.6 billion in 2010. The number of players will obviously rise as well. In 2005, in the United Kingdom alone, there were 1.1 million active online casino players, and their number is projected to rise to 2.1 million in 2010, doubling in five years.

OCA News Editor