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Sassy Advertisement Campaign for Major Online Casino

One of the most successful online casino firms, Party Poker, has launched a new advertising campaign that takes a rather aggressive approach, aggressive yet effective. Marketers for the online casino group decided to capture the attention of prospective gamblers in a unique way. The campaign is set at advertising the online casino site at any cost – everywhere. Adds will be present at public washrooms and future online casino players will be able to watch them as they look at the mirror.

The new online casino advertisement campaign will include some 300 washrooms across the United Kingdom and will be conducted with AddDirect’s AddMirror platform. The slogan “Got a Bad Poker Face?” will be featured on the mirror right next to the online casino brand. This remarkable idea will make sure that people remember the name of the online casino, and, in fact, if they go online for some online gambling, then they will surly try out Party Poker’s website.

We can see that more and more elements in the online casino industry are moving from in-industry marketing to outside of the community publicity. If, before, companies were looking to attract people that are already playing at online casino sites, now they aim for those that do not regularly play at online venues and look to ignite the passion of gambling in them. The world of online casino gambling has many features to offer prospective gamblers, and campaigns such as this one are highly appreciated in the industry. The more people know about online gambling, there better it will be for the entire online gambling community.

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