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Online Casino Ex-Executive Takes Business Elsewhere

The ex-Party Gaming executive, Vikrant Bhargava, decided to use the vast amounts of money that the online casino firm made him, and use it for a different online field. Bhargave resigned from the online casino’s board of directors cashing his highly prices shares making quite a fortune for himself. According to The Times, the online casino ex-executive is investing his fortune into a start up company that deals with high risk investments. Although this is a change from his online casino career, it’s not the first time that Bhargava switched fields of interests.

The new start-up company will be called Sirius and will be based in Gibraltar, like many online casino companies. Party Gaming is one of the most successful online casino firms in the world of online gambling, and Bhargava’s well-earned money will be injected into his new project. According to sources, the online casino ex-executive will probably fill the position of the new company’s director.

Bhargave does not have to worry about the new company’s success. Although he would like the idea of failure, his financial future is well secured. Party Gaming’s shares are worth GBP 232 million, and the four founding fathers of the online casino company, with Bhargave among them, own 65 percent of the online casino firm. Money won’t be an issue regarding the new project. Party Gaming owns the online casino Party Poker, which is one of the most popular and highly visited online gambling venues on the net today.

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