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Online Casino Company Shows Good Results and Looking for Sellers

The online casino group Excapsa Software Inc. is still on the lookout for an online casino software company for sale. The online gambling firm is keen on having their own company that will develop gambling software for their online casino business. “We are actively pursuing casino software – we would like to buy a casino software developer and extend our offering,” said Chief Executive Jim Ryan. The online casino gambling company is hoping that by having their own software developer they will be able to expand their portfolio.

The London listed company has shown an incredible improvement in business. After reporting a $431,000 loss last year, the online casino group marked a pre-tax net income of $16.8 million. This sudden change of luck came as a result of a renegotiation that the online casino company made with poker software provider eWorld. The deal with the online casino poker operator led to a 27 percent rise in the company’s income.

The online casino group’s Chief Executives has addressed the BetonSports issue this week, and said that he does not believe that it will have a long-term impact on the online casino industry. “We are quite bullish and optimistic the [U.S. anti-online gambling] legislation will not pass in this session of Congress,” he said in light of the upcoming Congress hearing. The company is showing great progress and is looking for a bright future. There are to major launches scheduled for this year with mobile phone poker and an online casino blackjack tournament.

OCA News Editor