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US Congressman to Visit Online Casinos Offshore Business

A large portion of the online casino business is located in offshore countries such as the Isle of Man. Official conformation came this week regarding Jon Porter, Nevada’s representative, visiting the Isle of Man. The Nevada congressional representative said that he plans to visit the Isle of Man in order to take a closer look on the self-regulating online casino business. Porter will wait and see what will be the House of representatives’ final decision on the anti online casino act, before heading abroad.

The online casino companies that are working from the Isle of Man have built a special business relationship with the local government and Porter is interested in learning more about the business arrangement. Not long ago, one of United Kingdom’s ministers visited an offshore location to take a closer look at the online casino industry as well. It is intriguing for elements in the government that some countries have found a way to harness the economic advantage that the online casino world holds.

The online casino industry has always claimed that the economical potential for governments is huge. With proper regulation and taxes, governments can make a lot of money out of the online casino gambling industry, and that is exactly what Porter wants to check out. But not only governments are interested in the economic potential that online casino gambling promises. “I think the (Nevada casino) industry is very split on Internet gambling,” Porter said. “Many of our resorts have met with the Isle of Man people, and they are looking at options and alternatives.”

OCA News Editor