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Party Gaming Buys Online Casino Sports Book

Party Gaming is one of the most successful online casino operator in the world today, and has long been looking for a sports book to expand its already vast online casino gambling portfolio. Now it seems, that the online casino firm found what it was looking for. The longstanding rumors about Party Gaming’s new acquisition were confirmed this week, and it is now known that Gamebookers, a highly successful online sports book, was bought by Party Gaming.

Gamebookers was bought for a dazzling sum of GBP 69 million from its Isle of Man based operator, Trident Gaming. The online casino sports book has more than 50,000 active online casino users listen and will be a great contribution to Party Gaming’s client base. With its new sports book, Party Gaming is able to offer its online casino players a complete gambling experience that incorporates all that the world of online gambling has to offer.

“The acquisition of Gamebookers is an important step forward in diversifying Party Gaming’s business from both a product and geographic perspective,” said the online casino firm’s CEO. Party Gaming is aiming to diversify its business both in a geographic manner and offering wise. Sports gambling usually addresses a different gambling audience than rather say poker and adding Gamebookers to Party Gaming’s portfolio is a great move. Player today are looking for a complete online casino gambling package and offering such a deal will bring new players to the online casino operator’s sites.

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