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Online Casino Operators Contemplate Business Future

There is not one person in the entire online casino industry that is not following the developments in the Bet on Sports case. The executive of one of the most popular online casino firms in the United States had been detained and indictments have been handed. The legal future of the online gambling industry in America is unclear, and online casino firms are contemplating their next move, as business suffers. If online casino gambling becomes illegal in the United States, then the largest market in the world might lose its value.

Many online casino companies have already started thinking about migrating to other markets and shift their focus off the United States’ online casino gambling market. Legal uncertainty is bad for business. Almost all online casino operators that are publicly traded have lost share value over this legal fiasco, and some of them still do. The United States market is the biggest online gambling market in the world and in case that market will lose its value – many online gambling operators might collapse.

That is why all major online casino operators are already working hard on shifting their attention towards foreign markets, where the government is not anti online casino gambling, and where future investments can be made. Elements outside of the online casino industry are not eager to invest money into an industry that might become illegal in the foreseeable future, and the community needs that kind of assurances. It needs to be seen, what will be the Department of Justice’ next move and will it be a negative one.

OCA News Editor