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Online Casino Firm Moves on Singaporean Market

The online casino industry is evolving all the time. Constant legal pressure and the drive to make more money bring online casino operators to change their business strategies and objectives quite frequently. The current shape of the online casino industry is towards foreign markets. Online casino firms are uncertain about their business future in the United States, and many of them are exploring other alternatives.

The online casino company, Betfair has become the first online casino operator granted permission to present a poker tournament in Singapore. Online casino firm Betfair teamed up with the Singaporean operators Capital Events to host the first of its kind tournament. The Betfair Asian Poker Tour will feature players from all over the world and will hand out a prize closed to $2 million.

“Singapore is an ideal place to host an event of this magnitude and we’re delighted to be given the chance to do it,” says the online casino firm’s Head of Poker, Ben Fried. “It’s a wonderful tourist destination as well as a hub of activity for the region. Betfair is all about innovation and breaking new ground. In Singapore we will put on a memorable poker event as well as give our players the chance to experience Singapore.” This will mark the start of a new gambling market – the Singaporean online casino market.

OCA News Editor